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dirty: OMOS "Untitled"


Dirty Proudly Presents:

OMOS: Untitled (2024)

This Limited Edition of 24 is Multicolor, Handmade by Te - Pe.
OMOS ... No introduction needed. Everybody knows "Peinterin"
Insta: @Painterjude

These prints are stored flat.

We can provide shipping, but... do... contact staff when it comes to question.
The safe packing will make the shipping most probably somewhat costly.

But hey... now... there's 4 left... and NO MORE WILL BE MADE.

So, if you want something that is already a highly collectible, extremely
cool, cool piece of graffiti art (history) on your wall, you better be quick.
When the stock runs dry, purchases will go as they've come in, and the
rest... well... tough shit, mickey.


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